Fix Reality TV

January 8, 2020

Reality TV

I am a big fan of reality Television. I don’t watch every show, but I do watch the good ones. Like The Real Housewives, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and The Challenge. If you have never heard of The Challenge, I’m about to blow your mind. “The Challenge” is a group of people that originated on the show “The Real World. ” At least that is where they used to get the stars of the show, now they take people from other “trashy” reality television, like Big Brother and Are You The One. The Challenge is a way to compete in physical and mental challenges to win some money. They spend days sweating in the sun, if only they knew about argan oil. argan oil4


Argan oil can help their hair and skin keep it together. They are constantly pushing limits as to what their bodies can handle. Argan oil can work as an anti-inflammatory which can help their skin as well as their insides. The show is full of drama and real tests of strength. The 34th season just concluded. The fact that they are on their 34th season is proof that they are a great show. It is great to see them all competing for money. People will go to great lengths to win some money. They need to eat disgusting things as well. Argan oil tablets would be great to calm their stomachs down while also boosting their hair, skin and nail health.

The show might be only 8 weeks long, but that’s a long time without the internet or a phone. They are forced to share a space together. They should all pack a bottle of argan oil in their suitcases so they can give each other rejuvenating massages after every challenge. I truly don’t know how they recuperate after each challenge. Some of them are dating fellow castmates. They should give each other argan oil massages to- reduce inflammation and hydrate the skin. There’s no way they’re drinking enough water. Being in the sun all day can also cause signs of aging even quicker and argan oil can prevent that.

reality tv

Every season there are villains. This past season, the villains were cara marie and Pauli. They are dating in real life and played a good game on politics alone. They never got sent into an elimination and had a lot of allies. The problem with playing a strictly political game is that you may be keeping your allies around who aren’t even capable of winning a final. So that’s what happened to the. All their allies stayed, but they didn’t win because their team was filled with a bunch of losers and no one had a physical ability to win. Cara Marie and Paulie said they won’t be competing next season and are excited to see who is painted as the villains in the next season. Cara maries face looked so splotchy this season, she could have definitely benefited from argan oil. It’s just too little too late.

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