New York, New York!

December 30, 2017


new york 4 I was sitting at work twiddling my thumbs one afternoon. I was getting itchy feet again! Thank goodness I was a travel agent and I got reductions on flights and hotels. I had at least another 10 days of holiday banked. So I sent a holiday request into HR. I got my request granted – yippee! I had decided to take a week off in New York. I left an extra three days for over the Christmas period. I fancied an extra-long Christmas this year as my mum who had recently moved to Paris was coming over to visit. My mum originally lived in France and grew up in Paris until she was 19. She met my father through a mutual friend of theirs, who my father was visiting over one autumn weekend. They pretty much fell in love at first sight. They had been together for 45 years and recently my father passed and she just felt this absolute need and desire to return to her roots and who was I to stop her.

The great thing is, is its only 2.5 hours give or take on the Eurostar from London and I get cheap tickets so sometimes I go to Paris for a long weekend and now she is coming to my home for Christmas. Every-time I saw my mum though, she would always ask me in her sweetest French accent; “oh my love, when are you going to get married”. I am always say “oh mum, when are you going to stop asking!”. She worries about me you see! I am sure I will meet my tall, dark and handsome prince one day – wink wink! Until then, I am off to New York. Off to MOMA – my favorite museum in that wonderful city. I have been to New York 8 times now but every-time I go it’s like my first time.

I backed my bags, I left it half empty as I am pretty much a shopaholic – I made sure I packed my
Tea Tree oil Shampoo as I never leave home without that – whether its NYC or otherwise. HR approved my holiday pretty quick and I managed to get cheap flights and it was going to fall over Thanks-giving – how exciting. I am a huge fan of the Thanksgiving parade out there. I have seen it once but it was awesome! I am actually a NY freak. I think of asking my travel firm if they would higher me in our NY office – a girl can wish! They tend to higher NY’ers because it’s more cost effective but I was told that my role would be changing soon in that I may be getting to visit
some of our hoteliers around the globe. They are thinking about an international position for a few of us, possible in Dubai but there may be a position going in the states. Even though I would love to be an Arabian princess, especially after watching Sex in the City 2 (they filmed it in Dubai), ever since then I have always wanted to go back…but… I am a NY city girl at heart. For now anyway, I am off on my week-long trip. I have booked an Air bnb in Brooklyn – I have wanted to familiarize myself with this part of this city for a while now. I have a show booked and I will probably visit MOMA one or two times no doubt.

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