Ticket to Ride

February 19, 2019


Ticket to ride is a game that everyone should try. I used to not like it. in fact, I found it boring, dull, insert any games.3uneventful adjective here. My college roommates were super into board games, so we had “family game nights” all together in the middle of the week. There were many games on the roster, but inevitably we’d eventually wind up playing this game. Yikes! Essentially, all the game involves is having to build railroads between different routes on the board. You get a few routes at the beginning, and you choose how many you want to keep to start out and how many you want to dump back into the pile. There are long routes and short routes. And obviously the whole idea of the game is that you want to complete your routes before someone gets in your way. If and when you do encounter interference, you’re forced to either give up on that route or go in a totally roundabout way to get to the other side. And you must make sure that you have enough train pieces to complete the complicated mission, or else all of your efforts will be in vain.

The idea is that for each route you complete, you get a specific amount of points (depending on the length of the route). But, if you have a route in your hand that is left incomplete by the end of the game, you lose those points. You also get a bonus 10 points for having the longest route (a title that can be taken away from you in an instant if you’re not careful), and you get points for different lengths of trains that you put down during the duration of the game. You can either count each other’s points as you go along, or you can wait until the end and have a bit of a surprise. You can sabotage people and get others to hop on board (no pun intended) with you to mess someone up. Or you can have everyone act for themselves and let the cards fall where they may.

So how did I go from hating this game to liking it? well, maybe some of it just has to do with timing. Despite liking the game now, I still believe firmly that there are other much more exciting games on the market. But I also have gamescome to love the game after playing with a different group of people. Playing with my friend and her husband created a different dynamic, especially when she somehow manipulated me into totally messing him up. This, in conjunction with the fact that I felt I didn’t know how to play so I used no strategy at all, left me winning the first game by a landslide. And, well, there’s no better way to start liking something that to instantly be successful at it. And so began my newfound appreciation for the game.

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