Why Do So Many People Confuse We’re And Were?

August 18, 2015

Education, Grammar

I have been wondering about something lately. I think I might even do a little research on it. My question is this – why do so many people mix up the words we’re and were? It has actually gotten quite prevalent.


I could possibly understand the reasoning of little bit more if the two words were pronounced the same, or if they had anything to do with each other in terms of meaning. However, neither is the situations is the case.

Literally the only things these two words have in common are the letters that they are comprised of. I do understand that the only difference in spelling is the apostrophe that belongs in we’re, but that is quite a critical difference. Why do people have such a problem with it?


Possibly it has something to do with less rigorous grammar training in the lower grades nowadays. Hopefully, if that is the reason, schools will get back to teaching grammar in a more strict and rigid fashion. It would certainly make my reading of various articles across the Internet and newspaper and magazine publications much more enjoyable, since I wouldn’t be bothered by so many errors.