How Can I Fix my Grammar

September 28, 2016


grammarHave you ever sat down to write something, and just drew a blank? I don’t mean when you sit down wanting to write whatever, and nothing comes up. What I mean is the much more sinister version of this, when you have something that you actually want to write about, and as soon as you sit down in your chair, you lose it. I’ve had ideas form up in my head while I’m dreaming, really good ideas for stories, but by the time I sat down at my writing desk to actually write it, I was too late and the idea was gone. It’s not even when I just get one while sleeping, this happens to me when I’m making myself dinner, or out for lunch. It doesn’t matter where I am, if I have the idea in my head it’ll be gone just as I sit down to write it out at my writing desk. I’ve actually taken to using my phone to write down outlines specifically because of this.

Now when you’re using your phone, instead of something reasonable like a laptop or a PC, you end up making more errors than you would normally make, especially with thumbs as large as mine. Autocorrect on phones is just a straight-up joke, so there’s no help to be had from there, so I’ve had to look for other avenues. Spelling and grammar checkers may seem a dime a dozen to you, but it’s actually pretty hard to find one good enough for me to use. On my desktop, I’ve been using Grammarly (Edumuch) , Grammarly is itself an amazing product, but that doesn’t help me at all when I deal with my phone, as they have no mobile app. It truly is a shame that a product as great as Grammarly is limited by such a small factor. As soon as Grammarly releases a mobile app, I’ll make sure to use

However, as they don’t have an app, I have had to make do with other avenues. I’ve recently been using Whitesmoke’s mobile apps, which I prefer to Ginger. Whitesmoke would actually have been my second choice of spelling and grammar checker, right after Grammarly. So I’m glad that Whitesmoke has an app, even though I’m disappointed by Grammarly’s lack. Whitesmoke actually has more than one single app, and I do in fact make use of both of them. I use their Whitesmoke Anywhere instead of just leaving a little memo in my memo app. Not only does it allow me to run a check on what I’ve written, just like I had written it on an actual computer, but I can easily port it to my computer after I’m done with it, so I don’t have to use my phone as a reference. I also use their KIBO keyboard, which admittedly is a little unneeded when using the Whitesmoke app, but it’s mainly used for when I’m sending a text to a friend, or other similar more casual uses.

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