What Makes People Attractive?

July 4, 2019


There are so many factors involved in what constitutes attractiveness and attractive qualities in another individual’s eyes, it is almost – almost – impossible to pinpoint. One of the first things people notice about people when they first meet is how they smell. Especially when first meeting someone you really want to smell your best. How you look is flirtingalso something that is important. The clothes you wear tell people a lot about yourself. They give a sign about how well put together your life is. They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and that is fundamentally true. As a starting point, though, we need to understand that levels of attractiveness have to do with hormones. For women, this is closely tied into the monthly cycle. With men, it has a lot to do with their testosterone levels. Technically speaking, there are certain elements – ranging from wideness of jaw in men to fullness of hips in women – which make others more attractive. But even those are not ones which remain solid and constant. It is a very fluid and dynamic state within the individual, and it is also partially affected by society’s views on attractiveness.

A person can look great, for instance, but then open up his or her mouth and ruin everything with words which make them seriously unattractive. Incidentally, command of language and proper articulation are qualities which some may consider incredibly hot, while others simply pass them off. Humor is a difficult thing to gage when meeting new people. Women find humor very attractive, but if you are trying to be funny and it is not working you will look very dumb. It demonstrates your inability to read a crowd and know the people you are around. You can make fun of the people around you, but only if you do it skillfully. Do not make fun of anyone’s appearance. No one will think that those jokes are funny. Making political jokes can usually be found amusing to everyone, even people who agree with the politics you are making fun of.

If you are talking about what constitutes attractiveness at a glance, I would say the most contributing factors are face symmetry, overall body shape, and skin. If we are talking about more than just a glance, that is where deeper flirting1elements such as scent and voice begin to make themselves known.

Men and women are turned on by different things, but with both of them one of the number one traits is confidence. If you project an air of confidence – the whole ‘alpha’ thing, you know – there will be those who respond to it. It is a very natural thing, and it exists in many hierarchies and cultures. The way you stand, walk, and talk matter. It allows you to command a room, or disappear in it.

Is there a science to attractiveness? Sometimes. But these are not things which are 100% measurable. It is not an exact science, which is why it can only take us so far. Eventually, it is on us to make ourselves the best and strongest version of ourselves that we can be. That, in itself, is an attractive goal, and it shows.

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