Japanese Cooking VS French Cooking

July 2, 2018


japanese cookingMy friend’s boyfriend is a chef and what do you get a chef for his birthday. Nothing, that’s what! I am so confused; her man has everything! I looked into so many different things to get him ranging from knives to aprons to silly chef hats to mugs and I nothing was satisfying. Its very intimating trying to get your bestie’s pretty much famous chef a 40 th birthday gift. I actually had anxiety about it. Apparently Masamoto chef’s knives are all the rave but super expensive. I was thinking of getting him one of those wooden boards to cut on, but he probably had loads. It was so hard.

The night came. His big 40th bash. Everyone but everyone was there and luckily you just put your gift in a big pile. I ended up getting him it all pretty much, an apron saying, “the last time I cooked hardly anyone got sick”. I also got him a funny chefs mug saying, “I’m the chef that’s why”.

I hope he’ll like it all, I got him a few other bits. I guess because I know how much my friend likes him I just didn’t want to let her down. He had the party catered and gave himself the night off. There was a live pianist and wine flowing, champagne flowing and a few chocolate fountains just running continually. I had one of the best nights of my life. We danced, ate and I met some very fascinating being a measly secretary I felt way out of my depth.

My friend ended up staying with her man and has been with him for at least four years. She has been on some amazing trips with him as his work takes them to many places and paris cookinghe has had a fair few of those parties. Basically, I don’t go hungry, they are always feeding me the pair of them.

We think that he may propose. He is taking her to Paris for her 43 rd birthday and well he is pushing on  now. They have both been married once before and it didn’t work out. He has a daughter from the previous marriage and she has two sons and they all seems to get on. We definitely think he is going to propose and we hope so as they are a delightful couple and not only that, those parties oh la la those parties for many more years to come – lol!

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